The Path

Home is safe.

Everyone knows your name.

Predictable. Secure.

But you can only grow so much in your cocoon.



I can’t resist the call of the unknown,


The same unknown that keeps me up at night with its’ relentless questions.

I am at its’ mercy.


At best it is exhilarating


To know that I am the master of my own path

To feel the strength of paving my own way

And to live in the world as a woman in charge.

At best I know I am doing something worthy

Simply because I am giving my all.


At worst it is absolutely exhausting


Bearing the weight of my dreams every day

Fight and clawing and climbing with integrity

Facing the possibility of an all too public failure.

Knowing I will give my all and it may not be enough.


I’d like to wrap this up in a little bow,


As I do with all things

To find the moral and the meaning.

But this is too gray

Life is all too gray.

But it is good to be alive

And that most certainly is enough.