Discoveries From Tour... So Far

Things I’ve Discovered on Tour… So Far…

*Driving is like riding a bike. Apparently even if you haven’t driven in YEARS, you can still drive. (I have first-hand experience here)

*People in the South are as friendly as they say.

*North Carolina is as beautiful as I remember. (It is the only place besides New York and Florida I have lived for more than a month.)

*Even when their major highway collapses just hours before you go onstage, the people of Atlanta will come out to your show. (Again, first-hand experience)

*House concerts are AMAZING. If you don’t know, this is where people have you come play concerts in their houses or backyards for friends and neighbors and music fans. The experience at Backyard Stage in Greensboro was incredible. Home cooked meal + performing outside under the stars for a bunch of super cool people hanging out on lawn chairs = a top notch evening in my book.

*Right next to the Evening Muse in Charlotte (another killer venue) is a dog bar. Yes, you heard right. It is a bar where people bring their dogs and let them loose to play. Also, it is a bar where dog-less dog people go to play with other people’s dogs. (I may or may not be one of those people) And there’s booze. Why is this the first I’m learning of this magical invention?

*Your leg can cramp up after driving 4 hours straight. Who knew I’d ever get to experience this bizarre sensation?

*If I had to guess, heaven feels like a comfortable bed.

*Whatever you think you were going to have time to take care of while you were on the road will probably have to wait until you get home because you will be too busy driving and eating and singing and working out (at least if you’re me)

*Whenever a guitar player is near his guitar, he will play it. It’s one of the laws of nature.

*You will remember you have friends just about everywhere. And you will make new ones. And you will realize that there are all these truly incredible people out there working to keep new music alive in this country. And you will be grateful.

*You will be happier than you thought possible when you find a coffee shop that can make an almond milk chai tea latte the way you like yours at home. And then you will feel mildly pathetic for loving a drink so much. But that feeling will subside as soon as you take your first sip.

*It might rain on your day off… after you’ve gone a bit out of your way to stop in a cool city you’ve heard a lot about. The silver lining is that because of this you will have time to take a long juicy nap and write about the things you’ve discovered on tour.

Eventually the rain will stop and the sun will come out, as it always does. This will be your cue to put on your shoes and go out into the world once again. Because the most profound thing you’ve discovered (or rediscovered) on tour is that you never know what’s next, what’s waiting around the corner for you, but the only way to find out is to literally get out there and see for yourself.

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