Techno Dating

Technology has changed everything about the way we live our lives. It has completely altered the way we receive and give information, the way we communicate, the way we navigate, the way we consume media… you name it, technology controls it. (duh.)
Technology has changed the way we date. 
We don’t have to go out into the world to meet people anymore. All we need to get a date is a smart phone and a few pictures of ourselves.  It’s really pretty incredible how easy it is to connect with so many people. 
I am an avid online dater (by which I mean “app dater”). And here’s why in a nutshell: because I regularly go out on dates, I feel confident that I am working towards what I want (in this case to one day meet someone and fall in love). And because I feel confident that I am working towards what I want, my free time, the time I spend with my friends and my family hanging out and having fun, is truly my own. When I am hanging out with my friends, I am really WITH them. I am not thinking about “meeting someone.” I can enjoy the company of the people I love. I get to have the best of both worlds. 
Certain dating apps get a bad rep. The swipe culture gets a bad rep. And there’s absolutely truth to that. But what I am saying is that on the other side of the coin, in my personal experience, having dating apps to actively help me get dates has freed me up to really enjoy the time I spend out in the world. Somehow, this technology, the same one that’s so often blamed for locking us to our phones and holding us back from being present, has done the opposite for me. It has made me more present. It has given me a kind of freedom to really BE in the moments I most want to be in, the moments where I am surrounded by the people I love. 
And that’s something I wouldn’t want to give up. Not ever.